Most of these are extracts from much longer testimonies.  We are so grateful to everyone who has allowed us to use their testimony and we give all the glory to God.  Except where stated, they are all from Daughter be Healed courses.

The Lord has blessed us all and personally I received ministry for a fear and phobia which I have had since I was three years old.  The Lord has released me from a fear of blood and I am free not to be held back by the irrational lies of the enemy.  We anointed my finger, which was injured and caused me to feel guilt and shame, and it is now healed and I don’t have to hide it any more. 
L: Rushden, Nov. 2018

As I prayed with a member of the ministry team I was able to deal with my guilty feelings caused by things from the past.  The fellowship of the Holy Spirit and of Soterion Ministries has been inspiring.  I shall be forever grateful for losing my burden.
P: Rushden

I was in a place where I was struggling to forgive and felt some rejection from my family.  During the weekend I realised that my forgiveness had to go deeper and I can now say that I have been able to do this and am at peace with my decision.  Thanks to all the team for your time and help and encouragement.
G: Rushden

I had already broken the negative ties between myself and my mother, but during the weekend I felt led to deal with the generational curses between myself and my 16 year old daughter.  One of the team led me to take authority over the ungodly ties between us and to ask God to break them, also to bless the godly ties between us.  I never expected such an immediate response!  When I went home that evening my previously prickly and difficult daughter was full of chat and allowed me to enter “her space”.  She was a different girl and we were able to connect in a way we haven’t done since she was 13 years old.  Thank You, Lord!
R: Rushden

The Lord has really stirred up the fire in me this weekend.  I have received healing around the relationship with my father and curses spoken over me broken.  I have had so much pleasure watching my friends walk into the room for prayer in bondage, then coming out smiling and looking free. The team have been wonderful and I have joyful tears waiting to be poured out.  I can’t wait till they do!  Thank you Jesus.
R: Rushden  (Arise My son)  April. 2018

The Lord has helped me with my insecurity and abandonment and has given me wonderful healing.  I am now happier and have strengthened my faith in my Father and Lord Jesus.
S: Rushden

I have been released from a lifetime of abandonment.  I received freedom knowing that God is my Father and I am totally accepted as His son and a brother of Christ Jesus.
D: Rushden

I have forgiven myself and others which is a massive weight off my shoulders.  My ministry time with the two members of team was, frankly, amazing and I genuinely feel like a new man.
D: Rushden

Before this weekend I was afraid of many things and felt as though there was a knot in my stomach and a huge weight on my shoulders.  I now feel a sense of relief and my love for our Lord is even deeper and stronger than before.
K: Shirebrook

The  Lord has showed me that no matter what age I am He still has a plan and a purpose for me.  He has given me not only His peace and love, but a new vision for my life and I am no longer at a crossroads but feel at the start of a new season and look forward in anticipation of what is to come.
R:  Shirebrook

The Lord helped me to forgive myself as I blamed myself for my son’s death.  I released the guilt and emotions and now feel free to move forward with the Lord’s help.  I also forgave my family for past hurts.  I forgave my mum for not being the mum I wanted her to be.  I suffered but was always getting the blame.
A: Shirebrook

On the first evening and the beginning of the next day of the Daughter be Healed course I was a complete mess, full of unforgiveness but now I have forgiven the ones who have hurt me and seven of them have said sorry without knowing that I have forgiven them!  My mother was one.  I was full of sorrow, and I had suffered a miscarriage.  God told me He has the little one safe in His arms and is cradling him or her.  I am now full of joy and happiness that God has healed me from all the pain.
L: Shirebrook

The course has helped me to conquer my fears from childhood.  I have forgiven my mother and father for what happened.  I thank the Lord for helping me to talk about the hurts and pain and to release these things to Him.
Anon: Shirebrook

It gave me peace to go through forgiveness for myself and others.  I was able to share my worries with people that I can trust, knowing they won’t discuss my problems.
F: Aberdeen

It was such an amazing experience.  What an amazing team helping women to fully understand what God wants to happen in our lives.  I will never forget the outpouring support, the love and the prayers I experienced.
R: Aberdeen

It’s been wonderful and such a blessing to be with the team.  The highlight for me was when I had to write down all the people who had hurt me and I was able to release them.  I felt renewed and had been forgiven again.  I felt so much peace inside me after that.
T: Aberdeen

After an accident 15 months ago I was traumatised both by the accident and my hospital experience.  After receiving prayer I felt so much better and released from fear.
F: Aberdeen

Whilst listening to the teaching over this weekend I really felt a shift of bad spirits as they moved out!  The teaching on forgiveness allowed me to forgive individuals who had hurt me, knowing that I didn’t have to trust them again.  During the evening the pain of rejection surfaced and through prayer I was able  to deal with the pain and realise that Jesus loves me and that I am made in the image of God.  It has been a great weekend for the journey I am on. ( A few days later “H” wrote that the person she had particularly forgiven contacted her to say sorry for any hurt caused, even though she didn’t know that she had been forgiven!) 
H: Aberdeen 

I had already received some healing but this weekend God peeled back some more layers and showed me I had to let go of more hurt and pain and as I did so I felt I was growing up.  God is miraculously restoring family relationships to what He intended for me and my family. 
R: Aberdeen

Thank you for coming to Scotland and showing the love of the Lord to us and helping us to understand more of His love. 

Praise the Lord that He has revealed the truth of His love for me, that I am special to Him.  He has released me from various fears.  It was a wonderful weekend.
D: Aberdeen

I came to the weekend with a lot of anger, particularly towards a friend.  Through prayer if appeared I had a lot of hurt from things said to me as a child.  I chose to forgive my father and release my hurt to Jesus.  The following day I awoke with the peace of God that passes all understanding.
D: Aberdeen

I thought that God had given up on me, then, last summer, He spoke to me through His word. He gave me Psalm 113 especially the last two verses ‘He settles the childless woman in her home, as a happy mother of children’.  I started to read the Psalm every morning. Then, in February, someone at church suggested I go on the ‘Daughter be Healed’ course run by Soterion Ministries. We were singing and worshipping God when one of the ministry team was led to recite Psalm 113.   I know that it was God, speaking to me, confirming that it was His will that I was there. I want to thank Soterion for a very special weekend as God showed me many things about my life that needed love and forgiveness.
J: Grange-over-Sands      

Daughter be Healed was an incredible experience.  For the first time ever I feel like an adult.  I have always felt like a child in an adult’s body pretending to be grown up.  I suffered from abuse and trauma as a child and blocked out large chunks of memory.  These were restored, along with forgiveness and the gaps that I had been missing for so long fell into place.  Please pas on my thanks to everyone.  Your team are such a blessing and treat everyone with such sensitivity that there was no fear whatsoever.
E: Porthmadog

The Lord has affirmed me this weekend and underlined the fact that I am His.  I have been able to repent for my fears and doubts.  This is paving the way to blessing.
Anon. Porthmadog

P came to 3 Steps towards the Abundant Life at Northallerton with a very damaged background.  He had served a prison term, had tried to commit suicide, which resulted in his being in a coma for three weeks and left him so brain-damaged he had to learn to walk, talk, dress and feed himself again.  He began binge drinking, fell into depression, developed a bad speech impediment and lost confidence.  He became a Christian through a friend’s simple prayer in October, 2015, did an Alpha course and was baptised, and began praying for other people, some of whom were miraculously healed, but he knew he still needed healing for himself.  He came to 3 Steps with great expectancy: “I wanted every gone, I wanted all that the Lord had for me.”  He was put at ease by the welcome he received at the door.  During his ministry the Lord met him because he “held nothing back.  I gave everything to the Lord.  I wanted rid of everything.”  He had two particular issues which were dealt with, and he went back home very tired!  He went to a church meeting that night feeling free to worship, clean and brand new.
P: Northallerton (3 Steps)

When praying with the ministry team the Lord revealed there may be an issue with my previous involvement in the “rave” scene.  I had always viewed it as a part of growing up, no harm done.  I even still like listening to the music.  I never made the connection that it could be blocking my relation with worship as I was unwittingly worshipping a false idol.  I never really “got” worship and felt uncomfortable when others worshipped.  I threw away all my music that weekend and can now report I don’t listen to anything other than Christian music.  I finally understand the words, the sentiment, the passion and it has brought me closer to God.  A lot has happened since the course and the ministry team were super cool in helping me through this.
M: Porthmadog  (Arise My son)

The meet and greet, introductions and choice of location for the ministry was divine.  The whole team provide a reassuring and nurturing environment of all being equal in the presence of the Lord with no judgment, no condemnation, no personal agendas; just an overwhelming desire for everyone to be able to receive His promises to us.  In personal terms, the ministry was exceptional!  I knew before I even set off that God had something special for me, and Praise the Lord, He meant it.  I had been prayerfully battling many deep, but not visually apparent, issues that I could never find.  These were healings that had been needed for so many years and were so deeply buried under other issues that obfuscated the true roots.  While the teaching was nothing I had not heard before and the ministry was nothing I had not engaged in before, something in me was different in my desire to relinquish any level of control.  This was the key!  I gave to God what He had asked from me: absolute openness and honesty!  The ministry team then applied discernment and guided by the Holy Spirit opened deep areas long in need of healing.  This has not been a magic pill to swallow and make everything better, but has been an opportunity to accept what God is doing and will continue to do.  It has been more about my willingness to receive on His terms what He is freely giving.  I have spent too many years accepting what He has for me, but making it work on My terms.  The battle is not over, but I know the war has been won.  Thank you so much for having the courage to continue making this ministry available, it is so important in fulfilling His purposes in healing man.

D: Whitchester (Arise My son)

Breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough……..Hallelujah.  Following a difficult childhood and several suicide attempts, the Lord has reached somewhere inside me this weekend.  He revealed core areas of my life that needed healing.  I can see where the Lord was always with me thoughout my darkest hour and is now leadig me to complete divine freedom.  God is beyond my wildest imagination.  He is capable of anything.  I am so blessed.
M.D.  Porthmadog

Thank you to all the ministry team for such a God-filled weekend.  The teaching was wonderful and the dramas took me right there into the scene, reaching all the way into the very core of me.  During the ministry time, after so many years of feeling ashamed of my resentment against a close family member, and the heartache of feeling so guilty over that resentment, I have been wonderfully released.  I had not realised the depth of the pain it had caused me, and resentment makes you open to so many other ungodly feelings and emotions, increasing the feelings of guilt.  Thank You Lord, for this amazing freedom.  With God’s help I will see this person through His eyes and I know that a new relationship between us will be established.
S.P: Porthmadog

Just a lovely time, feeling loved and honoured.  God really revealed to me past hurts that had been holding me back from His fulness and from entering into His rest, and from moving into His purposes for my life.  I feel uplifted, free, full of joy, renewed passion – and LOVED.  Thank you.
K.D Porthmadog

I came on the “Arise my son” course run by “Soterion Ministries” in spring 2015 but was only able to attend the first evening due to illness.  However, I found it really interesting hearing Angela Weir talk about how one’s conception is significant in terms of the spiritual aspect of it.  This gave me the desire to follow through and attend this year’s “Arise my son” course, where I heard Angela Weir and David Lauder speak on how God can heal our inner beings.  All the delegates had a brilliant day on the Saturday and supported each other.  There was a real sense of family.  I had ministry for my own needs and found that the fear I had came not only from my mother and her experiences in the war.  (I was born in 1941 in the Birmingham area) but also from my father who worked as a fire fighter for the duration of the war.  He dealt with extinguishing fires in burning buildings, including Coventry Cathedral.  Fear and anxiety had understandably come down the generational line.  I also realised that the fact that my Dad found it hard to show emotion, came from his upbringing.  This in turn had affected me.  Never-the-less God did deal with all the effects these things had had on my life and I experienced real release from them during ministry.  Consequently, I thank God for His goodness and would also like to say thank you to everyone present on this weekend.
R.W Red Hill, Stratford (Arise My son)

I was not sure what to expect of the “Arise My son” course but from beginning to end it felt as if the course had been specially prepared for me.  I gained more understanding from God and was able to release some pain to Him.
Anon. Red Hill, Stratford

During the ministry on the “Arise My son” course I was able to forgive some people in my chiildhood for the hurt they had caused me.  During the evening I felt a weight lift from my shoulders.
A. Red Hill, Stratford

“Arise My son” was a great weekend with good teaching and a relaxed atmosphere.  Years ago my physical deafness had been linked to my spiritual deafness when I had been prayed for and I had been told that the two would be healed together.  This has been a stumbling block to me, but it has now been removed, though I still look forward to physical healing.  I have also been troubled by wrong thoughts and believe that God has now set me free from this.
S.C.  Red Hill, Stratford

I discovered that “Arise My son” is not just another prayer time but a real time of ministry during which I recognised that it is not all about me, but that I should learn to put others first.  I repented and was recommisioned for service for the Lord.  I was greatly refreshed and renewed.
D.B. Red Hill, Stratford

I found I was able to receive ministry without having to push for it as the times were organised.  For me it was extremely beneficial.
A. Grange-over-Sands

During the course last year I was able to forgive my elder brother.  We lost a brother 16 months before I was born and he was appalled that I was a girl.  All my life he has been unkind to me, pulling me down and ridiculing me in front of others.  There was another brother born 16 months after me, but that did not change him.  I did not realise it at first, but this year he has only been unkind to me once.  This is a real answer to prayer.                                                    J.A: Hollybush

I have received the gift of tears.  I never cry although I have had very tough experiences.  I believed I had to be strong and this made me hard.  God showed me I could cry and He has softened my heart.
E: Hollybush

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the course and fear about the ministry side almost robbed me of my blessing.  In reality the ministry was my favourite part.  I have been blessed and the Lord revealed to me why I was on the course.  Deep family issues were brought to the fore and I was able to forgive and bless those who had hurt me in the past.  I now feel comforted and confident.
J: Hollybush

God has lifted a burden and removed things that held me down.  He has spoken His love to me and started me in the next stage of my life being closer to Him.
A: Hawick

The time spent on the course at Red Hill was very precious and the team was so anointed.  I am grateful for the way the men ministered to the women and indeed this unlocked something in me.  I received such sound prayer during those days, something which I have not experienced for many years.  Not only did the Lord heal me of things going back to my childhood, but He used the course to open a specific path for me to follow in the days ahead.
M: Red Hill, Stratford

On the first morning a Word of Knowledge was brought “Hallelujah – it’s a girl!”  I had not consciously known that my parents and father’s parents did not want a girl.  The Holy Spirit led me back to my conception and rejection received from words spoken over my unborn self.  I had made an ungodly vow not to be born and to reject God’s gift of life which seemed a painful place of loneliness and fear.  As I chose to forgive my parents and my grandparents for their rejection and to repent of my ungodly vow, I affirmed my decision to choose life and to be born – I chose willingly to leave the womb, my place of safety.  The long wail of a new born infant left my lips and I flopped, weak and exhausted, in the arms of my prayer counsellor.  I had a deep certainty that, for the very first time, I had accepted the gift of life and embraced it.  More than two years after God revealed to me that I needed ministry for fear of life, He has provided it.
C: Stratford

The “Daughter be Healed” course showed me the damage that can happen to a child at conception and during pregnancy when circumstances between the parents are damaged.  The Lord prompted me to remember the painful circumstances of my daughter’s beginnings and realise how this could be a root of her struggles now.  The wonderful prayer team poured God’s healing love over both of us and I am so grateful.  Thank you for this ministry.
B: Conwy

I have been so blessed by the teaching and prayer ministry and I head home released from doubt and fear of my skills as a mother and with a real sense of purpose.  Joy and total rock hard faith is what is to come.  I feel changed from the inside.
G: Conwy

I didn’t want to come on this course, but in a dream the night before, God spoke to me and told me I had to go and get out of my comfort zone.  I’m so glad I did.  I have been able to open up about my past and the rejection I received from my parents.  I’ve learned that I must begin to love myself because in God’s eyes, I am perfect.  I was also able to release the burden of shame of having a termination forced on me by my parents.
C: Conwy

I came on this course (“Arise My son”) not expecting anything in particular.  Holy Spirit revealed through my ministry team that I have been damaged severely through my first marriage.  I saw that they need my prayers and was able to forgive my wife and her family.
G: Stratford (Arise My son)

I feel that the Lord over these last couple of days (“Arise My son”) has restored a leaking spirit.  I have left Red Hill feeling unburdened by the past, enlightened by words I have heard, emotional over the love of Brothers and Sisiters in fellowship, being one in the Spirit with loved ones.  God bless you all.
R: Stratford

I came to this course voluntarily (“Arise My son”) although I didn’t want to because I knew it would touch into pain and hurt.  It did, but the teaching was so gentle, and I have been able to release some of the pain.
A: Red Hill, Stratford

When I arrived at Red Hill I was so anxious, alone, and yet deep in my heart I knew God had called me to attend.  Angela’s sketch on the Friday evening hit the nerve.  God spoke to me through the sketch and I burst into tears.  As a child I had been rejected, sexually abused and had no one to tell.  I felt unworthy of love and could not understand that God loved me. After prayer ministry over the weekend my loneliness was removed and I went home on Saturday night so thankful for all God had provided for me.  I slept so well.  On Sunday morning I dressed for the first time believing  I am God’s daughter, and so put on the brightest outfit – full of colour.  I belong and am worthy of being loved.  Thank You, dear Father.
S: Red Hill,  Stratford (Daughter be Healed)

I have lived under the influences of generational sin and curses all my life.  Being an Irishwoman is not always a good thing!!  I’ve had ministry in the past, but this weekend I feel God really got down and broke the roots of so much.  Finally I believe I am truly free and look forward to walking out into the New Things God has for me.
K: Red Hil, Stratford

Leading up to the weekend at Red Hill, the Holy Spirit told me clearly to repent of independence and self-reliance.  I had been humbly confessing my inability to do so, asking God to reveal to me the roots in my past which had forged my false identity of self-sufficiency.  Immediately I was overwhelmed by fear and desolation, curling up in a tearful heap.  Fear of what?

I arrived at Red Hill with high expectations of God working in my life.  In the ministry that followed I was prompted by the Spirit to forgive childhood friends and my parents for excluding me.  I confessed as sin the strategies of independence and control I had adopted to cope with the pain of rejection and renounced the identity of self-sufficiency I had adopted, choosing instead to depend upon Jesus.  That evening, as we received teaching about our real identity in Christ, I experience feeling utterly lost – having repented of my false identity, I no longer had any idea who I was.

As we began to pray, the Holy Spirit took me back in time to my early years when something occurred so emotionally traumatic, that I wanted to disappear, to cease to exist.  I curled into a ball, overwhelmed with the despair of not being wanted.  Gently, lovingly, my prayer partners spoke to me about the Daddy God who wanted me very much and Jesus, who wanted me to be his friend and a small, shut away part of me, who had never responded to God, did so for the very first time.  The rejection I received from my parents lead me to believe that there was something dreadfully wrong with me and, at a certain moment, I rejected myself with profound self-hatred because I believed the lie that I was unlovable.  It was a moment so shocking that part of my spirit was shut away separated until the Holy Spirit reached inside and released me.  I was then able to ask myself for forgiveness for the rejection and subsequent self-harm I had inflicted on myself.  I also needed to received forgiveness.

The next morning I gazed into my own eyes and I told myself how much I loved me, with a face so radiant and eyes so filled with love and tenderness that I hardly recognised my reflection in the mirror.  What joy has filled my heart!  Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!
C: Red Hill, Stratford

I have  recently suffered a miscarriage and the Lord has healed a deep hurt in me and covered me with the blood of Jesus.  He has begun a deep work in me which He will continue till we meet in Paradise.
M: Red Hill, Stratford

From the beginning of the enactment of the woman with the issue of blood, I was completely broken – something had been tormenting me since the age of 3.  Later, in ministry time, so many things were cast away and the ensuing freedom was extraordinary and life-changing.  The team were so quickly a part of the New Life Church family and the ministry skills they brought were obviously honed over many years and were a powerful gift to the church.  We are so grateful to Soterion for their brilliance and selflessness.  To God be the glory.
E: Cirencester

You cannot imagine how you have blessed us.  We are still talking of the great weekend.  You are all so genuine and real, and God has really anointed you.  We were blessed beyond measure.  As for me, I will never be the same again.  God used you guys to enable me to see myself differently.  I thank God for all of you.  That message about my Father changed my life and having a man offer me a real father’s hug was amazing.  I never had one from my own father.
G: Cirencester

I identified with one of the short dramas and felt that the Lord was speaking to me about some things: He was understanding the way I felt.  Then one of the ministry team spoke a word: ‘God is saying, “You are My daughters, I am proud of you, you are precious to Me.”  I immediately felt, yes, but this is not for me, He cannot be proud of me.  Look at my life, the mess it’s in, the mistakes I have made, how unsettled things are at home especially.  The ministry time was relaxed with two supportive and gentle team members.  Since the weekend there have been some changes at home that I welcome, that I didn’t instigate.  I am expecting God to make more as time goes on.  I feel that I have only to stand back and allow God to do the things He wants to do.
F: Cirencester

My daughter was separated from me for some hours just after her birth, and for 12 years there has been no bonding between us.  During the ministry the Holy Spirit did something amazing.  I prayed for her that night as she slept and the next morning she came to me and we embraced each other for what felt like the first time ever.  I am still overwhelmed by God’s love for me.  Whatever barrier was there these last 12 years has now gone and we have been bonded in God’s perfect love.
B: Conwy

It was a delight and a blessing to listen to the course.  The monologues are deeply inspirational.  I received so much – God  surprised me as I initially thought I was just bringing someone for their benefit.
L: Liverpool

Angela and the team from Soterion Ministries have been holding “Daughter be Healed” weekends at Beechwood Court Christian Endeavour Holiday Centre in Conwy for some years now, and they are always popular. The women who attend the courses find great sympathy and teaching from Angela, and always end the weekend having found the fellowship and ministry invaluable. Their recommendations to others show how highly they value the weekend spent with Angela. Helen Norman, Manager

We attended “Daughter, Be Healed” at Beechwood Court in Conwy and received such a blessing.  From arriving to leaving we felt the welcome, acceptance and atmosphere of God’s Presence.  The issues raised were so relevant to our everyday lives – things that touch us all.  The teaching was very clear, given in love but with authority and the real plus was the opportunity to receive personal ministry from people who listened, cared and understood.
A: Barmouth, North Wales

“Daughter, Be Healed” really does lead us towards that vital goal of knowing we are loved and accepted by God.  Angela’s teaching and ministry is so loving and clear and her dramatic abilities with the monologues enters the deep places of our hearts where even words cannot describe fully. God uses this to show us that He knows everything about us, including our fears, that He cares and wants us to know that He alone is our Healer.  The beauty of “Daughter, Be Healed” is that it truly has God’s blessing and He is using it to show His healing love to His children.
R: Barmouth, North Wales