FAQ & Future Visits

What does a visit entail? 
Hosting a course for approximately 30 people.  This is made up of up to 18 from your church and the ministry team which can number up to a dozen.  We cannot accept larger numbers as they would not all be able to receive ministry, and occasionally we have to reduce numbers depending on team availability.

How much does it cost? 
Nothing!  We do not charge for the courses, but we would ask that you accommodate us and feed us during the course, and, if possible, provide a little towards our travelling expenses.

How much space do we need? 
Enough to spread out a little at ministry times in order to provide privacy for those receiving.

Who is involved in the ministry?
It is suggested that ministry is done by the Soterion team, even if you have experienced ministry team already in your church.  This enables people to share freely with strangers things which they might otherwise feel awkward about sharing.  It should be noted that ministry teams for all our courses consist of both men and women working in partnership, though if people feel uncomfortable sharing with the opposite sex present, we would do our best to accommodate them.

  • Power point facilities would be appreciated but are not essential.
  • We usually worship acappella (unaccompanied) and have found it a great blessing.

Should you wish for further ministry, we would recommend that you contact one of the Ellel Ministries centres, the addresses of which may be found on their website: www.ellelministries.org, although in certain circumstances additional ministry may be arranged with the team.

We are currently available for bookings for all our courses:

  • “Daughter be Healed”
  • “Arise My son”
  • “Three Steps towards the Abundant Life”
  • “Draw Closer”
  • “Plus One”