Daughter, be healed

A two day course of teaching and healing for women

The course will be dealing with issues which affect all of us, but the teaching is specially biased towards women.  It will include opportunities for ministry and will cover the following topics:

On the first night:

Why we need Jesus

An introduction to our need for salvation, who we are and how we are designed by God to relate to Him.
(Drama: Anna, the prophetess. Luke, chapter 2*)

On the second day:

Jesus’ ministry to women

Women in Jesus’ day were almost ignored, but He always treated them with love and respect.
(Drama: the woman with the issue of blood. Mark, chapter 5)


The importance of forgiveness in healing.
(Drama: the woman caught in adultery. John, chapter 8)

The Fatherheart of God

Knowing we are loved and accepted by God is an important part of our healing, as is learning to accept ourselves.
(Drama: the woman who anointed Jesus. Luke, chapter 7)

Rejection and abuse

Everyone has suffered from rejection at some time in their lives and it can have a deep effect on how we see ourselves as women of God.

(There will be opportunities for ministry after some of the teaching sessions, and during the afternoon. There will also be time for rest and relaxation during the day).

On the third morning:

Understanding Fear

Knowing where fear comes from and that not all fear is bad, is the beginning of learning how we can overcome it.
(Drama: “Cleopas’s wife”. Luke, chapter 24)

Understanding Godly covering

Knowing that we are protected by the constant presence of God enables us to deal with our fears.

The course will end at lunchtime on the third day**.

This is a course intended solely for women, although there will be one or two men present to assist with the ministry. If however, you would prefer to be ministered to by a woman that will be understood.

* Angela Weir was trained as an actress and uses her acting ability to illustrate some of the teaching.
**Churches may prefer to have their Sunday morning services as usual, in which case the course will continue after Sunday lunch and end at approximately 4.30 p.m.

Three Steps towards the Abundant Life

A one day course for both men and women

Who am I?

Discovering who I am in Jesus is the first step. We are made in His image, but what does that really mean?

What are the Chains?

We all have issues in our lives which prevent us from moving on. These may be to do with lack of forgiveness or having a poor self-image, or a reluctance to deal with sin issues.

Digging up the roots

Receiving healing for old hurts is the next step.  Sometimes we don’t even realise what might be hidden deep in ourselves, but Jesus knows and can bring healing to the very deepest wounds if we are willing to let Him in.

(The first two sessions will be in the morning with opportunities for minstry after the second session and after the afternoon session)


Arise, My son

A two day course of teaching and ministry for men

Whilst most of the issues discussed affect both men and women, the bias will be towards men

On the First Night:

Who am I in Jesus?

Discovering who we are, how we are formed and how God intended us to relate to Him is the first step to finding out where things may have gone wrong

On the Second Day:

Jesus’ ministry to men

Jesus had a very special relationship with twelve close friends and realising that they weren’t perfect gives us encouragement and hope


An important key to healing

The Father/son relationship:

God the Father had a very close relationship with His Son and that is the kind of relationship He wants to develop with each of us

Rejection and Abuse:

We have all been rejected at some time or another and abuse of any kind is the most painful kind of rejection of all

(There will be opportunities for individual ministry during the day and a chance for rest and relaxation)

On the third day:

Taking our place as sons of God:

God gave men a special role but through doubt and fear, poor role modelling and cultural moulding, men are often not standing as God intended them to

Going out in His strength:

God gave us special armour to protect us in our walk with Him

During the Course, Angela will perform some dramas related to the topics.  She was professionally trained as an actress and worked for several years in the theatre.

“Draw Closer”

A follow-on course for those who have attended either Daughter be Healed or Arise My son

On the first night:

A refresher, reminding us of the need for making Jesus Lord of our lives, and the need for healing in our relationship with Him.

On the Second Day:

“The opposing kingdom”

“We wrestle not with flesh and blood…..”  A look at Satan’s kingdom and how it can work in the lives of believers

“Soul ties and godly relationships”

God’s plan for marriage and all relationships

“Generational Iniquity”

Understanding the effects of generational sin and how it can affect our lives

There will be time for Personal Ministry during the afternoon.  Guests will be encouraged to seek God for themselves beforehand.

“Accidents and Trauma”

How the “slates on our roof may be cracked” and leave us vulnerable.  This evening session will also be followed by ministry.

On the Third Day:

Question and Answer Session,

This will be followed by prayer in groups, encouraging one another

“Our Covenant-keeping God”

Final teaching session, preceded by Testimonies.

The emphasis of this course will be very much on encouraging guests to move on in their walk with the Lord.

“Plus One”

An extra day, following one from one of the other courses, when we offer longer sessions of ministry to those who have already attended one of the courses.  There is no teaching during a Plus One day.



This series of five teachings is intended to be a taster for those who think they would like to become members of a ministry team within their church.  Each session is designed to last for a single day, with opportunities for group discussion and Q&A sessions.  It is strongly advised that those who wish to develop their ministry skills further attend the Explore Course or Flagship School at Ellel Ministries, or a similar course at one of the Ellel Centres in the UK.  For details see the Ellel Ministries website.

Day 1.  Understanding Jesus’ mission to bring healing to the church

Day 2.  Understanding the Holy Spirit and His gifts

Day 3.  Understanding who we are in Christ and how we can be wounded

Day 4.  Looking at Deliverance Ministry

Day 5.  The Do’s and Don’t’s of the Healing Ministry

*Please note that as this is a teaching course rather than a ministry course, there will be a charge of £30 for each participant per day.