Welcome to Soterion (Salvation) Ministries

Why “Soterion”?

It means salvation, translated as “freedom, liberty and release”

We are a group of Christians who believe that Jesus came to set the captives free from the bondage of their past lives, so that they can live the abundant life (John 10: 10).  It is our desire to see vibrant churches filled with people working towards that goal and to that end we are happy to visit, bringing our courses and ministry to help with the process.

Angela Weir

Angela Weir is the lead teacher. She has been with Ellel Ministries* since it began over 30 years ago, first as a member of the ministry team and latterly as a teacher in the UK and internationally. She originally trained as an actress and worked professionally for a number of years. She now uses her drama skills to bring to life some of the women from the New Testament to illustrate aspects of the teaching.

David Lauder

David Lauder is the second teacher. He was initially an outdoor pursuits instructor, entering teaching through outdoor education and latterly at a Christian school. He has been a pastor of a church and was a teacher and a member of the ministry team at Ellel Grange.

Several of the current members of the ministry team had their first experience of Ellel-style ministry through a Soterion course and have since gone on to Ellel for further training and/or ministry. All are experienced in ministry.

David Lauder Website Picture
New Life Church, Cirencester
New Life Church, Cirencester

Soterion Ministries has come into being because of our desire to take the teaching out into the churches.  We do not operate from a single base so it is not possible for you to come to us; we come to you to run a one day or two day course.  (See Courses page for details).  Over the past six or seven years we have been running two day courses, “Daughter be Healed”,  “Arise My son” and “Draw Closer”, at Beechwood Court, a Christian Endeavour hotel in Conwy, North Wales,  Oasis Church in Redditch, New Life Church in Cirencester, Red Hill Christian Centre near Stratford on Avon, Hollybush Christian Centre near Thirsk in North Yorkshire, Thornleigh Christian Hotel and Conference Centre at Grange-over-Sands, Seaton Community Church in Aberdeen, and Whitchester Christian Guest House  near Hawick, where we have also done the one day course: “Three Steps towards the Abundant Life”.  We have also been to a centre in Porthmadog, North Wales.  Recent church visits have included Carnforth Free Methodist Church, Brook Community Church at Shirebrook and the AOG Church at Rushden in Northants.

Marie Lees, the former pastor of the AOG church at Rushden wrote: 
“I  would like to recommend Soterion Ministries.  Until recently I pastored an AOG church with a diverse congregation in which there are many people with very challenging issues.  Through the 15 years of my ministry and my husband’s ministry we struggled  to disciple people with very deep pain and chaotic life-styles.  Chrisitan counselling, whilst sometimes helpful, did not seem to be able really to get to the roots of the problems that our people struggled with.  Soterion Ministries visited our church and their ministry, lead by the very capable Angela Weir, helped many find healing from addictions and issues resulting from abuse.  We have recently baptised several people all of whom testified to God’s deep work of deliverance and healing in their lives through the work of Soterion.  Their gentle and kind ways of ministry enabled hardened drug-addicts to open up their lives to Jesus.  Two people gave their lives to Jesus for the first time.  It wasn’t however, just those whom we would consider to have serious issues that were helped, others were gently set free from besetting sins or hurts that had hampered their spiritual growth.  We have hosted Soterion Ministries three times and I am encouraging the new pastor to invite them again soon.”

Other courses are available: please see the Courses page for details


Members of the team at Red Hill Christian Centre, October, 2016

*It should be noted that although we are all trained by Ellel Ministries and some of us are still associated with them, Soterion Ministries is a separate entity entirely and any publicity at your church or centre should use the Soterion title, not the Ellel one.